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Fall 2021 


Emin Bagdasaryan


“Hi, my name is Emin, I'm an Information Systems major and I’ll be graduating in December 2022. I’m delighted to give all students interested in the tech industry an opportunity to speak with a variety of employers and develop your networking skills. I have previously been Director of Digital Content for MISA and Mentorship Director at AA. My hobbies include computer building and troubleshooting, fitness, and astronomy. I joined MISA with the hopes of making new friends and networking with professionals.


Dr. Tao "Eric" Hu

Faculty Advisor

Dr. Tao "Eric" Hu is an Assistant Professor at the Department of Systems and Operations Management of David Nazarian College of Business & Economics of California State University - Northridge. His teaching and research focuses on areas such as IS analysis and design, IS service innovations, Big Data analytics, and IS cross-cultures. He has published studies in leading IS journals such as Information & Management, European Journal of Information Systems, Communications of the Association for Information Systems, ACM Transactions on Software Engineering and Methodology, Journal of Computer Information Systems, Journal of Electronic Commerce Research, and others.


Harry Grace

Director of 

“Hi, my name is Harry, I'm a Computer Information Technology major and will be graduating Spring 2023. My hobbies include but are not limited to physical fitness, motorcycling, baseball, and ancient mythology. I joined MISA because I want to be at the forefront of networking and team building for the future with like minded individuals.”


Prajal Patel

Director of 

Hello, my name is Prajal. I am majoring in Information Systems and I’ll be graduating in Fall 2023. I am currently a Director of Meetings at ALPFA and now with MISA. Some of my hobbies include watching tv shows and engaging in outdoor activities. The reason why I joined MISA is to network with professionals within my career field and work on my skills. Overall, I hope to make some friends and grow. :)”


Evelyn Mendieta

 Director of  Marketing

“Hello, my name is Evelyn, I'm a Computer Information Technology major and I'll be graduating in Spring 2023. I am currently the director of marketing with MISA and an insurance agent with Aflac. My hobbies include gardening, playing baseball, and learning programming languages in my free time. I joined MISA to be part of a group that can make a difference and expand my network.”

Anthony Delapena.jpg

Anthony Delapena

 Director of Digital Content

“Hello, my name is Anthony, I’m a Computer Information Technology major and my anticipated graduation date is Fall 2024 depending on my military service. I am currently a Systems Administrator at The Aerospace Corporation and a Director of Digital Content at MISA. My hobbies include crypto mining, adventuring outdoors, and building/flying FPV drones. I joined MISA to obtain experience and to network with other professionals in the field.”


Jorge Salcedo

 Director of Digital Content

“Greetings, my name is Jorge, I’m a Computer Information Technology major and I’ll be graduating in Spring 2024. I’m currently a Junior Systems Administrator at DC-Networking and Co-Director Of Digital Content with MISA. My hobbies include Pen-Testing, Traveling, Reading & Food. I joined MISA to build my network in my IT Security career & create great relationships along the way.”

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