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Management Information Systems Association (MISA) at the David Nazarian College of Business and Economics at CSUN is a non-profit student organization open to all students interested in the information systems industry. We aspire to showcase the best of what IS/IT has to offer in the business world to empower ambitious students as they transition from the classroom into the industry as professionals.

As a scholar of business and technology, it is essential to develop your technical and professional skills to thrive in the industry. For this purpose, MISA offers beneficial outreach opportunities that enhance a student’s education in the form of weekly meetings  with speakers from a variety of employers that present to our students about technical topics and career paths including Data Analytics, Systems Analysis, IT Security, IT Audit, Commercial IT, Tech Support, etc.

MISA would like to thank our dedicated faculty and staff for helping us make our dreams a reality. We sincerely hope that our prospective members become part of our organization and excel!

We welcome you to our weekly meetings and events specifically catered to our students!

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